Las Vegas Superhero Weddings Incredible-Amazing-Awesome Comic-Book Florals

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Las Vegas Superhero Weddings Incredible-Amazing-Awesome Comic-Book Florals

Holy wedding florals, Batman!

So our son went to the very FIRST Las Vegas Amazing Comic Con (yes it was amazing), and what did he find but a wedding vendor! He was excited to share with us when he got home the amazing artwork he found with a wedding tie-in. has come up with a killer way of providing florals for superhero weddings by incorporating your favorite comic characters into your flowers.

Batman boutenier

Marvel Bouquet



As one of the premier providers of unique and fun Las Vegas Weddings, Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings was thrilled to see this exciting development in floral design. We have always believed that your wedding day should be a reflection of your own unique personalities, and this is yet another fun way of adding in a unique flavor.

Comic Bridal Bouquet


Our Superhero Weddings have been a big hit, especially with the NYNY backdrop and Lady Liberty in the background:





Now with comic-book florals, you can take your superhero wedding to a new level of incredible amazingness!! Of course, there should be no mixing of the Marvel & DC universes, unless the bride and groom just cannot agree on which universe to live in, but it just sounds risky to us. ;)

Cruise on over to and see what they have to offer for your wedding day, or for any special occasion that you want to class up with spandex and capes!

Then, after deciding when you want to have your awesome superhero wedding, click over to our Booking Calendar and reserve your date & time.

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